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Terms and conditions

  1. Results and rankings are filled in as soon as possible, at the latest the next working day 9:00 in the morning.
  2. The start time of a match on the site is the closing time of the prediction of the match. When a match starts before the time stated on our site (whatever the reason is), then this real start time is the closing time for this match. Predictions done after this time are invalid and won't get ANY points!!
  3. When 2 or more members can claim a price (when having the same nr. of points), then the member with the highest rank in the individual ranking can claim the price. If this is also equal or in case of the individual ranking itself, then the winner is determined by the predictions of the concerned competition: first the number of predictions with 20 points are counted and compared. The member with the most predictions wins. If still equal 10 points are counted and then predictions with 16, 14, 12, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 and 2 points. If this is all the same, then the winner is determined by drawing lots. The 'loser' gets the price that follows (if available).
  4. Voetbalpoules.nl is allowed to disqualify member at any time for any reason.
  5. Maximum 1 registration per person, even if you have multiple email addresses. If you register anyway, then you can't claim any price.
  6. Prices (other than money) can't be exchanged with other prices or money.
  7. Voetbalpoules.nl contacts price winners via email. Your right to claim a price expires after 30 days.
  8. Voetbalpoules.nl is allowed to stop the game partly or completely at any time.
  9. Voetbalpoules.nl is allowed to adjust the rules at any time.
  10. Registrating on this site gives Voetbalpoules.nl the right to keep you informed by email in case of adjustments of the rules, for sending 'reminder' messages in case you forgot to enter predictions (can be changed in your profile), for sending emails at the start of season or Championship and for sending special offers selected by Voetbalpoules.nl (should be registered in your profile).
    Your email address is only used for Voetbalpoules.nl promotions.
  11. Predictions from members that are inactive for more then 3 months might be removed.
  12. Voetbalpoules.nl is based on knowledge of international football sports and is not a gambling game.
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Zondag de Johan Cruijff schaal 2015: FC Groningen - PSV

  • Makkie voor PSV! 67%
  • FC Groningen is gretig en pakt deze schaal! 17%
  • het seizoen gaat weer beginnen 17%

There has been voted 6 times.

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