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In this pool it's all about predicting football matches. It's up to you to predict the correct scores. With your predictions you participate in the individual ranking, but you can also organize your own pool. For all members the following rules apply:


As a new member you first need to register yourself.

  • Provide a valid email address and fill in the rest of the form. Think of a nice teamname / nickname. This name appears on the rankings.
  • Complete the form and you'll receive a confirmation email.
  • Now you can log in with your email address and password and you can start predicting matches!


Now that you have registered you can predict matches per week (desktop site) or per day (mobile site) for each selected competition. A week starts on Monday.
The scores will be processed as soon as possible. After that, points are awarded and rankings are calculated.
You can predict (and change) matches until 1 second1 before kick-off. You can also predict for a longer period up front, that's up to you.
In case a match is postponed, it will be moved to the new date and your prediction doesn't get lost in the process.

1 In case a match starts earlier than stated on our site, the actual start time counts as the closing time of the predictions for this match. Predictions that are saved or adjusted afterwards will NOT be granted any points!

Additional predictions

You can earn more points via our additional predictions:

  • Final standings (in national competitions like the Premier League or Eredivisie)
  • Predict which teams will make it to the next rounds and finals of a tournament and who will become the champion.
  • Topscorer (if applicable)
  • Predict in which minute2
    • the first yellow card is given.
    • the first red card is given.
    • the first goal is scored.

Additional predictions can be found via the menu 'Predict', tab 'Additional'. Make sure you fill in the additional predictions before the closing date!

2 Only during tournaments. The outcome is used in case 2 members have an equal amount of points in the ranking. In that case the one with the best 'minutes' predictions will be shown on top. In case of added time for each half, we will take the last minute of that half (45th of 90th minute). See our scoring for more info.

Match of the day

Every week a match of the day is chosen. You can earn extra points by predicting who scores the 1st goal* (of each team).
The match of the day will be announced 3 weeks in advance (21 days). Usually there is 1 match of the day per week per competition, but in case of derbies or special matches, we might decide to assign more.

To make the end of the competion extra exciting, extra matches of the day are assigned as from the quarter finals (in case of knock-out). In the last round of a national competition all matches will be match of the day.

* An own goal is also counted as first goal.


The individual ranking and the ranking in your own pool is calculated by summing up the points of all predictions of each member per competition. In the column 'Pr' your previous position is shown. In case of a week ranking, it will show the position in the previous week. A ranking per week is also available.
Week winners receive a golden medal behind their teamname; season winners of a competition get awarded with a (digital) trophy. In case a member wins multiple weeks, the number of times is shown behind the medal.

The pool ranking is the ranking among pools. This is calculated by summing the scores of the best 3 or 5 (depending on the competition) members of each pool. We didn't choose for averages, because small pools might be in advantage and the ranking could be influenced by removing members from your pool.

Your own pool

Anyone can start an own pool for friends, relatives or family. In this pool you play with (or against) each other and a separate ranking is calculated.
The organizer of the pool thinks of a name and decides if new members need to be approved. It's good to discuss who will be the organizer. De organizer decides who joins the pool, can remove members from the pool, can remove messages and can register payments (if applicable).
If your pool has more than 25 members, the organizer needs to be(come) a supporter.

Prizes in your pool

Just like in the individual ranking, week winners receive a golden medal behind their teamname. In case a member wins multiple weeks, the number of times is shown behind the medal.
Season winners of a competition get awarded with a (digital) trophy behind their name! This will be shown during the whole (next) season. In the prize cabinet of the pool all winners are shown (of all seasons).

Final score in case of extra time

The final score of matches that need a winner (like the finals) is the final score after 90 minutes (+ added time). The extra time is not taken into account!

Abandoned matches

For abandoned matches, the following rules apply:

  • Abandoned and not finished: no points
  • Abandoned and finished at a later moment: points awarded. The match will be moved to the date the remainder of the match will be played and points are awarded in that week / round. Predictions can't be adjusted in the meantime
  • No points are awarded to matches that won't be finished or are forfeited and therefore get an official result.

If a team is suspended, goes bankrupt or is taken out of the competition / tournament for any reason, then the points awarded for already finished matches of that team will remain.

Points for matches that have been played, but later get an official result (for example because one of the teams fielded an ineligible player), the result will NOT be adjusted. That means that we use the initial results as the final result. This way, positions and rankings remain clear and rewarded points don't suddenly disappear.

Terms and conditions

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